Attention: An Apology to the GR Community.

I am sorry for the actions I had taken in the past few days. I am Jack Ookami, and I falsely threatened to hack Graal Reborn out of anger towards Spooon. I apologize for this stupid idea, and I ask for forgiveness.

Im glad you apologized.

There, that wasn’t so hard. Accounts un-banned. If anyone still can’t log in, just PM me and I’ll look into it.

And next time you have a problem with someone, PM me and tell me what this member did wrong.

And remember, whatever happens on the GServers is up to the admins of each server, we as administrators have no control over them, neither does PWA. PWA is there to help and judge content, not much more.

No problem. Just the day and the life of Graal. Graal corruption FTW!

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