Attention Fellas, Very Important Question Being Asked

How is everyone in this dead community doing today.

Playing with kinetic sand

Alive and sane, despite spending time on the Discord.

I still am a cat

It’s 2020, everyone who is cool is a cat nowadays, at least those who were/are smart enough to stop wasting time with graal and graal related insane people.

it’s cool that I’m cool :smiley:
but I guess I’m not smart

(I also am a cat)

Where can I get a Graal Reborn game client link?

there’s no installer

Ironic coming from a graal related insane person himself.

Nice glass house you got there.
There is not a shred of evidence that I am an “insane person”

I will gladly put up my sanity and what I have said and done “not the made up impersonation attempts, fake websites and accounts in my name or defamation about me” against that of anyone else Graal related, especially those that claim to be “former Graal staff as recently as 2015”

Let me ask the following.
Am I the one who thinks he is “coming across the airwaves”? Nope, I’m not.

Am I the one who thinks “Jews did 9/11 are flying from Saturn to go to church to conspire against me”? Nope, not me either.

Am I the one who sends deranged messages and death threats to several Christian and Jewish Forums? Nope, that’s not me either.

Am I the one who runs a fake discord server with a bunch of other fake accounts with no real people and delusionally talk to myself while pretending to be Jesus? Nope, yet again that’s not me. It’s some sad weirdo named Brian.

I also do not and never have believe that Stephane controls the world or much of anything or is the center of the universe. other people “mainly one guy” try to put those words in my mouth and lie about it. Stephane is a nobody and at best is a second rate scammer.

Do I make a complete facebook page chock full of hatefilled anti semetic, racist, misogynist and post nonsense on it? Nope I do not. That’s a guy named Brian

I can look myself in the mirror every day with no shame and no issue. I know who I am, what I do, and that I am a good, normal, sane person. My own words and actions “not lies or words that others said I said or that of others” speak for themselves.

Unlike some others that stalk and attack me, others and this place; I am not a liar, thief, shoplifter, scammer, pedophile, zoophile (especially sheep), meth addict, racist, misogynist, anti semite or other bad things, can others say the same?

I am not saying everyone here is insane, just a few people who are obviously insane. Graal Reborn is a good forum and service for private game servers for a game long since abandoned and forgotten, most of the people here mean well and are good.

That said, this page literally has no traffic, and because the client and server is not openly available, the actual game has even less. So anyone who still spends time and effort on it is wasting their time and effort.

Even Graalians, the official GraalOnline Forum and other places has zero traffic. Only iphone and android has a small amount of traffic and that is solely due to it merely existing. Chinese Bootleg games like Strange Rope Hero has higher mobile traffic. The short of this being, nobody cares.

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