ATTN: Cadavre

List server is down. o_o;
Please boot it back up,

Bored Graalian

now we have to wait a week for him to come online

Hey Yen, make a quest for Pwnderon. I’m focusing on the lake region and a quest up there. Will be epic.

I was thinking that my new house could harbor a quest lol

Welp, all finished. The quest is all ready to go. Now if I could just connect it to the server. :\

1.41 for the win

how about a new list server?

Cadavre is on a permanent vacation from GR.

that sucks, can’t someone who cares have access to the server?

so new list server

More than me have access to the server. Anyway, if you want to start a new community with a new listserver, that’s fine with me. Everything is opensource anyway.

chillax brobeans. no one is going to do that.