AutoPager - Anyone use it?



I think it’s awesome, makes browsing forums wayyyy better :smiley:

Used to, exchanged functionality for performance though.

Looks nifty imma try it out

I actually installed this last night when I reinstalled Windows 7 and was looking for Chrome extensions. I decided to remove it, though, since I was worried that it might bug up in some special cases and leave me making a misplaced post or missing a few posts.

I thought about getting this, but it would lag up the browser after a few pages I figured.

I’m currently testing this out. Seems nice. Not any notable lag or anything. =)

None that I see, it uses intelligent rulesets created by the community (can make your own pretty easy in Firefox, has a ruleset creator thing where you can click elements!) that append extra pages to existing elements (pasting the new div into the bottom of the old div for example) rather than rendering the entire second page. It means you can easily scroll through a 15 page thread without having to worry about loading the next page constantly, makes reading long threads a breeze!

Huh? Nice!
Though I don’t really mind clicking “Next Page >>”.

It’s called being lazy.

Honestly, if Cad really wanted to (or is it Joey?) they could easily make the forum more easy to browser through.

Seems trivial to me, or anyone with a broadband line and knows how to enable something as simple as pipelining

Nuff said.