Here is a snapshot from the newest area of my player-world, Phoenix*. It’s a pretty simple level and It’s suppose to have an autumn feel to it. Dylan helped by creating the layout for this one. I simply spiced it up a bit.
Also, thanks to Riley for the red mushrooms.

All criticisms and comments welcome.

* The name is Phoenix as of now; perhaps temporary. I, as has Rone and Tricxta, have been working on this for a year and some months. We plan on showing you guys what this server is all about. However, It’s not quite presentation worthy yet.


I like it, but the treetops are bothering me. It’s not like you to just plop an image ontop of the trees to make it work…

edit: just read the op again. Nvm Dylan made the level, that kinda explains the tile-errors everywhere.

Ha! Thanks Yen. Actually, the trees were my doing and I agree. They left me a bit uneasy too. While it’s not like me to just slap those npc’s up, I’m not much one for graphics. To make the necessary and appropriate images is something that is a bit beyond my expertise.

Also, I’m the level isn’t rife with tile-errors…I don’t think. That would also be my doing if there are any.

Anyway, give Dylan a break! I’m glad he helped!

Rone went ahead and fixed some of the image issues with the trees.


Looks alot crisper, yer

Just gonna circle the main issues. The rest looks good. The grass doesn’t seem random enough to me though. Too many of the solid 1,2 grasses, not enough of a half grass/swamp-grass mix

I dunno. Other than that it looks fine.

The grass isn’t supposed to be random. It’s supposed to be where I think grass might grow; just not contrived. At least that is the intention. Also, why should there be more grass/swamp-grass mix? I’m asking because I’d truly like to understand what could make my leveling better. Why would it help the level? More because it would help balance the level or what exactly?

As far as the tile errors go, they aren’t so much tile errors as much as they are limitations of the tile set, at least, I would argue that. A negligible detail in my opinion.

I agree with Riley, the flowers may be a bit less contrived–should put them in patches more.

Thanks guys

Well, I do purposely, and usually, put those leaf tiles around tall grass, bushes or trees to try and emulate that feel, but your right I should probably have more for a wooded area.

Whenever you want! Tric and I both proposed the idea to you. However, I think we must of caught you just as you were logging off of AIM or something :P.
You can expect most things to be in disarray, but despite that we should have you run around it and see what you think so far.

It just kinda hurts my brain and my eyes looking at that stacked piece of grass. (I always thought it was HIGHER grass, not leaves or whatever…)

I think the effect is cumulative really. I mean if you place a cliff on a cliff, you get a higher cliff (besides cliffception, of course).

I think it is pretty silly that people debate the usefulness of the transition grass-on-grass tiles. I remember Shiny telling me he didn’t like it because it didn’t make sense or look good.

In addressing that, I will put my two-cents into the silly debate: Well, sure it [transition grass-on-grass tiles/higher grass/stacked grass/whatever you want to call it] doesn’t make a lot of sense. You can find ways to justify what it is in real life, but this is a damn game. I have control over how it looks and I think if you can use it effectively there is nothing wrong, especially when using it, as I try to do, to break up the solid-green grass tiles. In addition to breaking up the solid-grass tiles, it provides dimensions in the topography of the level, and another set of tiles that aren’t the traditional things we inundate our levels with (flowers,patch grass, swamp grass, stumps and stones).

Everything in the tileset can be used poorly, as evidence of most things on Graal (whether it be the limitations of the tileset or poor use by the LAT), but it can also be used well, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense or gives rise to slight (negligible in my opinion) tile-errors.

What I pointed out (especially the top example) doesn’t look anything like a raised part in grass. It looks lazy and chaotic. It just looks awful in my opinion. (which is OBVIOUSLY right…) If you take that seriously… so help me god…

Oh well, it’s the cross I bear. (cross-eyed bear)

D’awww. Da googly bear.