Backpals [yes or no]

I have been using backpals in the past to change the look and feel of a level. I seem to remember reading somewhere that backpals are not good to use and they are being phased out in the newer clients. I’m not sure where I read that or if it’s true. So basically the purpose of this thread is to inquire about whether or not other developers recommend using them or not and why?

not all tilesets are “backpal compatible”

Just use seteffect.

I know about and use seteffect. There are different situations where I would use a backpal and some where I use seteffect. This thread is about whether or not backpals should or shouldn’t be used.

God no. Just please don’t use backpals.

why not?

Roooooooooooob! THINK! THEY SUCK! Use seteffect or change the tileset

Ye Arcain. I’d say just use edited versions of the tileset

or use set effect.

haha, it’s like a broken record:

OP: backpals?
A: use seteffect
OP: ok, seteffect ftw, but backpals?
B: oh god no
OP: why?
B: use set effect
OP: ok fine, seteffect is the balls but we’re talking about backpals, now why don’t use them?
A: seteffect?
OP: no for the love of christ. backpals, what’s up with those things
C: oh god, not backpals. just use seteffect

Sample of what I’ve been using backpals for.

^Uses dusk8.png

^Uses afirebackpal.png

The tiling of the caves is quite unique, although a little strange… I have indeed never saw anything like it before…

Oh and BTW I think seteffect would be fine for that instead of a backpal…

Yeah I could easily switch to seteffect for the caves, some of my other caves use seteffect to dim the lights (and no backpal) and they use different tiles as well. I like originality and creativity in every new level I make I try to switch things up a bit for variety. The club Cryptonica could also probably use seteffect with a red tint instead of the backpal. I may or may not switch these but I will probably swear off using backpals for future development since most people don’t like them and seteffect can do better or equal performance in most cases as most of you have pointed out. I mainly just wanted to gauge the reaction of the community and the reaction has been what I expected it to be.

Backpals directly alter the palette of the image. It can enable you to do some pretty neat effects that seteffect cannot do. However, they are difficult to create and nobody wants to help people who are having trouble using a backpal not designed for the specific tileset they are using. Backpals are a direct palette swap, so if your tileset has your colors indexed in a different order than the backpal’s colors, bad things can happen.