Battlefield 2 / 2142

Does anyone still play these? If so, how good are they?

used to ,have them both.

See, i had 1942 back in the day… lol. I wanna know if its worth getting the newer ones.

1942 was awesome. 1943 really sucks nuts. Nothing like 1942. BF2 is a pretty good game to be honest. I have it, but need to go through some keys that “work” online.

I have 2142, kicks arse. Played 2 and have to say that 2 is better.

Both 2 and 2142 are good, but BF2 is definately better than 2142. But you should play them both regardless!

I’m gonna tell Pickle to host a stat padding server for me. >_<

I was thinking of buying BF2 on Steam’s sale yesterday, but I figure I’ll just wait for Bad Company 2.