Beer tiem

Drink Beer! Smoke weed! Happy weekend to everyone!

im smoking blunts with my friend and playing paperboy 2 on his desktop

omg paper boy 2. i only played paper boy 1. totally kickass bmx course at the end of each level.

What is tubgirl? Just heard the name, never seen it.

I have to assume it has to do with some vagina slang. Like meatspin. lol


No thanks.

TG1C? anyone?

one guy one jar


didn’t all this stuff basically start with


thats why its easy to mention in front of kids so theyll google it

its not like im gonna mention something new and relevant

ooh i know another one!!


Kids these days are too lazy to google stuff.
I’m always explaining shit to them because they wont google it.

Lazy Goron says you are a liar…


Lazy Goron can suck my dick.

Too small. :frowning:

Maybe for him. He’s 50FT.

His penis?

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