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i didnt think this was beholder at first but when i went back to this picture…

If you can see closely in this picture on the bench theres beholder wearing a pink body and a pink head and the same in the classic photo,Is that beholder playing classic?:eek:

old news is old

second one is definetly me, and the first one is my outfit, but I don’t remember playing on Classic long enough to have 15 AP, as well as having a guild called “Player Killer”

Oh also if you look at the first picture it says eye in the rank

It’s also a very recent screenshot.

Yeah that’s what is mostly throwing me off, the talk of iPhone graal and me sitting on Classic.
Unless the account is ‘cling’, it’s not me. lol

wusn’t me

any screenshots of a “Dontar” on iphone graal, are all fakes, I dont play iphone graal because i dont have an iphone so BLEH

also, if beholder say he dun play, he dun…so bleh x2 combo




sounds hawt

ROFL That was me.

Player Killer isn’t a guild. It means you have 5 or less AP. You can still kill other people with a Player Killer tag.

I see Tricxta and itoast are having a friendly get together in first screeny

Whole bunch of iPhone/iPod and GR retards hang out on Classic lately.

dat ass

Toasty dun like me no more because on skittlez someone reseted his account and he thought i was firing him :(.

___Merged doublepost__________________

i found out the other day that Skyzer/You Were a Dev manager on Classic.

so spooon is an iGraalian? so that explains his hatred of em, he IS one

so close but no cigar.I wish,If he was he probably would have left the forums but i was talking about real classic not iGetnolovesoIhavetocyberdate Online.

I’m not the manager of anything on Classic. Stop being wrong.

Thats not what I heard…:redface:

As usual: