Beholder where are you i dont see you in bomber anymore :confused: i haven’t talked to you in a long time.:sup:

his got better things to do like playing minecraft.

Hiding, see if you can find him in this image:

Wooo… Minecraft… Hahaha

I was going to post a picture of Minecraft too, LOL.



waldo is dead in the middle of that photo and i saw him first

Use it to promote your unfinished orange awesome texturepack :smiley:

i found beholder first

Oh ok, thx for answering the question. Minecraft isnt a bad although i don’t like the lag.

I marked him down first.

I appreciated Beholder first.

no i mean i saw him before i saw waldo

I found beauty [ATTACH]1489[/ATTACH]

I’m using default currently :stuck_out_tongue: Beds were invisible with mines, rofl.

wait a second…Shiny??? is that the same shiny who made that very good looking tree on zolderon? the shiny who is said to be one of the greatest graphic artists on graal? or are you just some other person who decided to use his name? and im actually seriouse when im asking these questions.

Shiny is orange. Dusty is blue. Not the same.

oh, but i heard shiny was rlly good at gfx.