benjiro, our savior

benjiro is the savour of Graal Reborn! He keeps the community unified as a whole; a whole bunch of people who hate him.

Graal Reborn is </3

savour, are you made of delicious chocolate

lol spoon i didnt know you were a brit.

does this mean we should hang out on noddess as apposed to zolderon?

Only to hate on benjiro!

It’s actually savior, but I don’t really care.

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Don’t insult me. My hands do crazy shit when I’m not paying attention.



ohhh. savior. haha. good job spooon.

Hes not just referring to typing either o_0

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Lol jks <3

My question is are you french, or are you just a wanna-be frenchie. :O!

Neither :wink:

i m a butfuk

Defination of Annoyance:


:0 jatz shud be da defanition of gewd spellar

Hello! I’m still here for you. *(≧u°)

you gain 0 respect for doing jatz’s job for him…

oops, i thanked him :open_mouth: