Benzy's Graphics

So, I have been working really hard on this. I worked really hard on the detail, not messing up, and getting the right width and height. I finnaly got the right height because Riley said,“The size for one tile is 16x16 pixels. A graal character’s size is 32x48 pixels. (x,y / width,height)”, in a pm. So, here is Piece 1 of my tileset.
Please, do not use unless asked for permission. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Both. Here is my newest version:
I made grass and added a tile to the brick that made it so you can build the house taller.

So, heres a little of what you told me to fix:
I also added somethings.

For te sake of it I’m gonna interior u two love birds

I actually like that door, Benzy, but then again, I don’t have much graphics experience…

Then again, I don’t have much scripting experience…
But thanks.

I personally, like the idea of the window door. But, to me as Riley was saying the bricks could use a bit of “variation”. What I would do is add a bit of dark spots, and some light spots to even it out. The grass, well it just looks kind of fishy to me lol. I’m not really saying it’s bad, just different to me. Keep up the good work.

Ok, thanks.