Best Flash Game you ever played?

I have played a few but I don’t think im at a point to say whats the best i played. So far ive starting to check out Sword & Sandals 3 because its multiplayer and turn based and fun. Please add a link to the game you post as your favorite or close to it.

The ones I’m making.

Thing Thing 1 - 4
Best flash game I’ve played.

I could clone those easily.

Your confident. Now do it before you yap your mouth >:D

do it :wink:

flash blows

:slight_smile: love those but never play them much anymore.

If you make a Thing-Thing 5, Rou, then I will no longer be an Atheist as you will be my God.

I got bored of Thing-Thing due to all the parodies and flash games out there for them.
I think I only played Thing-Thing 1 and 2. lol

Lol things video games will do to people.

Unfortunately that would be stealing “intellectual property” which would be copyright infringement.

If you want, I can contact Weasel and ask for permission. He’s stated that there will be no more additions to the universe as it ended with #4.

sniff snifff eheehehehehe

umm pico =D or 2nd is “yo po mah bro, where ya wanna go? behind these doors i got three fine ho’s” not really a game but c’mon; classic! other than that abs ftw…

uh… what?

“Tetris Friends”


Xiao Xiao 9 is awesome, but Fancy Pants Man is even more awsomerer -