Best Servers

Hey, assuming they ever get the list server thing back up. What servers are there and which ones are the best?


Hands down. Bomber.

What do you do on there? Got and screen shots?

Play with friends against eachother to win. Collect Bombs and Flares and be the last man standing at the end.

So like bomberman… except multiplayer?

sounds sweet!

I’m going to have to agree with Yenairo.
There are a few screenshots hanging around on the forums, but i don’t know where they are. Here’s some videos though!

And that is EXACTLY why it’s #1 hands down.

I can’t wait to get on to try it out. Sucks that i chose the day the list server apparently decided to break to join. :frowning:

Zolderon is Epic, GTA is Awesome and Noddess, well it’s a Noddess

Don’t bother going on Noddess. Scripts are edgy, graphics suck, overworld is boring. Not much content unless it’s stolen.


Thanks for the suggestions guys! I look forward to checking those servers out when i can.

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Kondie, seeing as you have an apparent dislike of Nodness, which servers would you suggest?

Kondie dislikes Noddess because it’s gonna become a rival of his server. It’s actually funny, Kondie builds me up to think I’m his friend and then after logging onto my server he starts hating me again. The pattern repeats itself

your not going to become a rival to xialza ben, you steal so much that it makes your server not your server. On xialza kondie and me drew most of our stuff with exceptions to the dusty tiles we used.I scripted all our scripts and spooon insisted on cleaning a few up, but other then that the rest was totally made by us unlike your server where pretty much everything is one massive copy apart from the latting which is pretty rushed and lacks refinement

My server is much different than Xialza. The truth is I can hog the playercount at times…

Wow guys do you wanna take this somewhere else…

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O_o not surprising seeing as most of the time it takes 2-4 players to get to the top of the list

I’ve had about 10 people on before, of course that was during V.2

Explains why xialza got 21 players at one time and had an average of 17 people a day. Of course the playercount would evetually die after everyone got enough money for all the equipment but yer it never got to that because xialza was never “ready”. So yer 10 people on at some rare occassion really beats xialzas record… notice my lame sarcasm?

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gettin back on topic, “That One Guy” there are no complete servers at the moment apart from bomber, servers are being developed but people on reborn tend to drop things once there 75% done. Kinda like cda, it looked like a really promising server but now twiggy is bringing out Evi which would have been previewed today if the list server wasn’t down. So just keep on waiting and have fun deving or just chilling on hidden servers(there are a few decent hidden ones)

i have now decided to take everything from other servers to make my Butts server and there will be nothing you can say about it because no one will care. ill even say i made it all.


Why aren’t we still working on it again…?
Aside from the top part, GTA (Graal the Adventure) is pretty awesome. It’s not 100% GR’s work, but it’s got more content than Bomber so you won’t feel done with it after 2 hrs.