Best Servers

Bomber Arena, Zolderon, Graal the Adventure

So the best servers i’ve heard mentioned thus far are Bomber, Zolderon, and Graal the Adventure.

Are there any other good ones out there, also what are hidden servers tricxta?

Hidden Servers are Hidden Servers.

You have to type them into the bar on the Silver and Bronze tabs and hit

To see a list of all hidden servers, goto click on playerworlds, then click on either List or Old List. If you use List then click ‘Show Hidden/Under construction Servers’ Click on a server to see more info about the server.

Obviously atm this list will be empty until the listserver is fixed.

Thanks for that help guys. :smiley:

Or log onto your RC

Bomber and Zolderon. I hate GTA because of all the tile errors and bugs. Especially graphics…

Tile errors? For Christ’s sake, you’re levels are shit. I wouldn’t talk if I were you.

Lmao Spooon. I like my levels a lot. I guess it just depends on the person. [sarcasm]Too bad my levels aren’t as amazing as yours and Benjiro’s. [/sarcasm]

O_o, i don’t believe he said Benjiro’s weren’t shit…

MEGA GRAAL!! I just finished an update so you guys should check it out around five on Saturday!!!

I was saying that because he thanked Spooons post. He was trying to say my levels were shit.

No seriously, I really do eat shit

Stop editing my posts VW!

Butts is best hidden server if you didnt understand my last post.


There any quests on that yet? I don’t tend to check hidden servers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Downsider only mentioned Quickman before, nothing about Flashman.

Also if anybody needs it tonight–here’s the map to Quickman’s stage.

yes. there is a get the guard drunk quest.

YAY!! i did it and it was FuN!