Best Servers

Hey I did it too and it wa–

It’s suddenly not as cool.

lol. i didnt know you were one of those guys that dislikes stuff because other people like it, yenairo.

I dislike liking the same thing Benjiro likes. I have that same issue with others on this forum too >_>

when does trying not to conform become conforming?

When all is well that ends well. :expressionless:

im selling butts for 1000 gralat btw. dont matter what server i get gralat from.


Come on Bomber Later, I will give you 1000 Coins for it. (Beholder I need your help.)

cant get on due to list server being down

I know, hence later. :confused:

the best server is bomber arena and zolderon and that xialza thing because everyone seemed happy when it was around

Even though only one town was completed. xD

actually no town was ever compleated, first town had some tiling and scripting issues that needed fixing lol

I hate to pick on you guys for it, but that was way too small to be a town. You were mostly working on the system anyway.

You guys need to start looking on the lighter side of things. gllt just said he was happy when that was around and you guys should take the compliment.

He said that ‘Everyone else’ seemed happy when it was around. :bang:
But he did say it was a popular server.

gllt seems to be happiest when others are happy though.


wtf im not making an update

uh since when did my opinion matter to anyone rofl