Best Troll RL Evar?

Remi Gillard? Pfft. Stop posting old news.

Meh Ive been under a rock about this guy. I do feel like ive seen him before though on youtube.

everyone knows the best rl troll evar was our lord and savior

jr bob dobbs

My face when watching this video, and trust me my pants have never smelled more of urine

ROFL, yeah but dont do that. looks weeeirrd…

Bob Dole

The best RL troll is Jeffrey Ross.

He’s also a handsome guy when he isn’t shaving, growing out his hair, or dancing half naked on a stage.

Jeff Ross is a comedic demigod. George Carlin being the only complete god.

is this thread really still alive?

It’s in the Misc forum and I’m present. Without trying to turn the graal reborn forums into a total hell hole I’m probably gonna post in here a bit and look retarded, though as I said in MODERATION.

Somewhere in here I gotta find time to stop smoking pot, think, and come up with a contributory post in another thread.

Until then,