Bitching about Riley

I just thought this thread would be Graal Reborn to know about the abusive administration action that has been taking place. RileyFiery has claimed that I use stolen content on my server, so he hid it. He also banned me on the forums for this same, but untrue, reason. He is now repeatedly giving me infractions and has cursed me out multiple times. I really do not recommend he have administration powers. God knows who else he will do this to. And all over me using free graphics according to what he’s told other users. :eek:

P.S. It would be abusive to delete this thread, Riley.

P.S.S. He gave me a total of three infractions today. One while writing this thread. :slight_smile:

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Nice job proving my point even more, kiddo’.

Hahahaha, nice job falling for the troll bait. I only read like 5 words but just the fact that you posted makes it funny. I also like how you say “You can PM me whatever you want, I won’t reply after this.” and then like 5 minutes later I get a PM of you cussing me out. :slight_smile: Really fun stuff. In the end you are just a power hungry monkey. Go fuck a frog or something.

Oh, also, my edit was about the fact that you moved the thread. Nice job being a dumbass. Hahahaha.

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I’ll just let you exert your rage now and not reply. :3

Kondie is PMSing today.
I kinda feel bad for him.
But that’s martyrdom.

This is fucking stupid. Making a thread about your fucking problems with a staff member will never solve anything. It just pisses all of the staff off and/or makes you look like a retard to the entire community.

Kondie, shut your mouth. Riley, leave the kid alone. /thread

kondie thinks he can troll
kondie tries to troll riley
kondie actually thinks he has successfully trolled riley, which technically kondie got what he wanted out of riley (which is the goal of a troll) but was it necessarily trolling if it wasn’t the classic response (being upset) even if in kondie’s mind it WAS although it in the eyes of most everyone else it wasn’t
riley doesn’t give a shit