Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

Anyone else checked it out? I’ve put a few hours into it so far and I’m quite impressed. It certainly has a LttP feel to it and looks good. It’s fairly cheap on steam to.

I do hate the falling tile traps in it though. They just piss me off.

Looks nice, how much?

about $15 in Canada monies

The puzzles are for the most part pretty good. A lot of inspiration from Zelda and Skyrim (like the match the animal figure/icon in the right or order) the boss battle that I have had are fun also.

However a few things do suck about it. Which are the delay before your bow shoots, picking up bombs and also throwing them, but a side from that I am still enjoying the heck out of it.

I actually only paid $5 for it as I had played CS:GO a few weeks prior are got a free case worth $10 lol.

gotta love the free drops in csgo. I’ve got like $50-100 USD of drops but I’ve spent about 3k hours in the game lol

Nice haha. It’s crazy like that. I’ve gained more money from playing it then I initially paid for it or spent on it :smiley: There’s a few games in my steam account that I thank CS:GO.