Bomber Arena problem..

Well it seems as though when I tried loading Bomber Arena at home it was taking too long so I gave up, just recently I tried again and it didn’t do any sort of loading. It brought me into the actual Bomber Arena place but it’s all glitchy and riddled with errors that I didn’t see when I was on a faster connection at a friends playing it.

What i’m saying here is that after giving up the first time when attempting to load it at home the script seems to have thought I finished and refuses to load anything new the 2nd… 3rd, even 4th or fifth time around. Just thought I would let ya’ know and also if there is a way to send me back to the “loading” screen so I can load it 100% this next time around that would be great, thanks.

LOL. No problem.

Apparently it just hates me at home as this time it loaded 100% but i’m still having problems. The menu for the store doesn’t even load and the highscore list only loads halfway… I can only wonder what playing a match would be like lol, my game would probably blow up. It’s also really really laggy…

Uhh… Redownload the client, sounds like yours is bastardized.

There IS no problem with Bomber Arena!

My client begs to differ, apparently. Works fine on other servers(Some are ultra laggy, though! :D).

Well there was one guy who typed in his account name wrong.

Eg: Signed up with “bob”, logged in with “Bob”
Half the time NPC weapons would fail to add to him.

lol prolly me :open_mouth:

Eh well, too lazy to figure out the problem. I’ll just play it when i’m not at home which is quite a lot anyways lol

That error is fixed since like 30 versions ago. :stuck_out_tongue: It was a linux problem mainly since it’s a case sensitive system. Basically the server would add the account file bob.txt and Bob.txt. Quite annoying.

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