Bomber Arena Tournament!!!

I decided things get a little to quiet around her for me so right now I’m hosting a bomber arena tournament. i dont have much for the prize but it will be fun. Winner gets a custom crafted banner of any design they like made by me :slight_smile:
its all starting 5:00 PM Jan 10 EST so be sure to drop by :wink:


Me and Noob, and Spooon automagically should get drafted to the finals, I’m not playing noobs.

custom crafted banner? wahhhh?? How can you gfx with no avatar or sig lol

You’re right. Pics or it won’t happen! >: D

ill play, but for some reason i cant get the blocks or bombs to show. so i never know what to do when playing.

Delete filenamecache.txt

If all else fails either delete webgifs or reinstall that whole damn thing.

i dont have an avatar and sig because ive never had one, on any forum >_>.
And it’s a surprise no pics >:o starting in 2 1/2 hours :smiley:

Meh. I won’t be participating. Who knows if OP will deliver?

OP will stand and deliver, if you get on your knees to receive :smiley:

Kneel, peasant!

___Merged doublepost__________________

I won. I’m the king of everything!

You stay seated in your throne. I’m kneeling someplace far away.

From your dick.

In that case, I missed out. Like it matters… (¬、¬)

who said you had to kneel to take a dick? rofl

someone needs to learn about the kama sutra

who won?

I take it spooon did


I got 2nd place. I call rematch >:U

I’ll whoop your ass.