bomber arena!!

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gllt is a very grateful person.

There was actually a hacker on the Bomber Arena the other day… He was like running through bombs… And the third opponent in our three person match said the same thing…

lol Chances are that was just lag.
If someone runs through an explosion, this means they seen the bomb explode before you did (Your frame rate is running slower than 20fps), or, they’re the ones running slower.
If someone runs through a bomb it’s either connection lag (trying to lay a bomb to stop someone following you), or, they seen that bomb in particular already blow up from an explosion.

Visual lag is usually the most common issue, Going into F1 > General Options > [x] Don’t use DirectX 3D (Light effects) fixes this.
However you cannot see lighteffects with this active. The Bomberman game is non-directX friendly, but the fire I drew for it looks humorously retarded (It grows on you quickly though).

Some people keep it off, so they can “chain” other players.
(Chaining happens when they have a bomb that explodes before you see it explode, so they can effectively, lay bombs inside of the explosions you see)
As for connection lag, I can’t help someone there, some people are just natural born laggers.

Or he was lagging like fuck…

Actually I think it was Spooon, who proceeded to say “they were the embodiment of lag”.

I’ve played a few times where none of the pots (and I think it has only happened to me on that level) show up for me, but they do for other players. I have the ability to move freely as if there were no pots there. It’s cool, but you don’t get any drops. One tiny bomb - the whole match.

It probably has something to do with the epic lag waves I sometimes get.