Bomber Arena

I lol’d a bit when I saw this brought up in a thread about G2k1 revival on Official graal:

I think I recall reading a thread around here where someone was trying to accuse Beholder of ripping bomber arena off of 2k1/Bomy Lands.


Pretty sure Beholder helped with making Bomber Arena on Bomy Islands lol.

Beholder already showed those pictures on here before. Notice how his account “cling” is on the list thinger.

Beholder made the bomber arena on g2k1. I just think it’s funny that it was brought up, and that it looks almost identical to the current bomber arena on here.

lol no code was copied over obviously; I rewrote the bugger from scratch and the GS1 version far exceeds the GS2 + NPC-Server one :smiley:

And just incase anyone is still curious:

I made the Bomberman Game there too. Contiga made the scoreboard though.
Even made 90% of the damn outfits on that server too. >:O

Wow, you could probably call Bomy Islands as half yours, and no wonder your graphics remind me of them! You made them!

Eh… that would be mostly Konidias, I think.

The Bomberman’s GUI was mine, the 90% of the clothes, the redrawn train and gokarts were mine. Rest was Konidias! So that tileset in the lobby? Konidias.

Then again, that pics1.png everyone uses? Also Konidias. :stuck_out_tongue:

The current pics1 was mostly Konidias. Stefan said he made the original tileset and Konidias made minor changes like giving the grass texture, and the 2001 revamp. I personally like Stefan’s version better, lol.

I was playing Graal during the 2001 change. It was a nice change. It’s nice to look back at the old pics1 and be nostalgic, but during that time everyone was really (and I still am) happy with what Konidas did.

This is off topic, but once on 2k1, Rone and I set up a scam where we sold Konidas’ playerhouse to some unsuspecting newbs. Memories.

I thought G2k1 and Bomy Islands was basically the same thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is o_o Just that BomyIslands has a newer tileset, and Dustari was erased to be remade, and all the trees were made one color, and all of the random mushrooms and clutter were cleared up to be cleaner looking.

BI usually refers to Konidias’ project(the remake) while 2k1 tends to refer to the original server(and simple revivals).

I played heavily when it was still 2k1. Man… good times.

I played elsewhere when it was still g2k1, man. Better times ;D

I played shared accounts a little on 2k1 until they were banned :frowning:

Rufus would object to that.