Bomber Arena

It’s back. Get on here so I can get my score back up to #1.



Good, I just invited my friend the other day to play if Bomber Arena came back.

Hey it’s not like you earned a new nickname or anything. “King Suicide” isn’t the best crutch.

Bomber Arena

i am glad to see this server up and running again,it really makes you think on that old times when we had like 44 servers hosted, and how fun it was…actually it stills beeing fun,haha nostalgia.

You don’t know proper graal nostalgia >:[ Shh!

stop beating up on him, neither do you.

and I don’t really either, since I hopped in around 2005.

The server is back on beholders permission. He won’t be developing on it though, if you don’t arse him enough about it. :wink: It will be up as is until then. Spooon and I have RC to it for guilds, uploading of heads, bodies, shields, swords and all that.

Guilds are expensive x_x I guess I’ll have to use a konami bot to get all those coins!

I’ll let Spooon handle the uploads, I’d rather not do it.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]But if you have made a head,body,shield,sword yourself (not just changing of colors), I’ll upload it to the global directory so you can have it on all servers. send those images to [email protected]

It’s down. :frowning:

We had to reboot the machine running the gserver last night because of some issues.

Happy that it’s back up now! I’ve been playing all morning and I’ve gotten my bombs all decked out. Next up is 500 coins for a guild!

im lost in a land where there is only me and an affable squirrel.

Spooon you left the door open to the pet level again.

God dammit. I bought green bombs and then wanted to try orange. I bought orange and then it looked like I had to buy green again (fucking jewed me) so I’m smashing keys on my keyboard trying to my bombs back, but shit didn’t work. I want 80 coins back on the account Seeker99. Oh I also lost my orange bombs too.

lol u mad? I had 3rd place at like 800 points or something, and like 2-5k Coins. They’re wiped. Not to say shut the fuck up, but…

edit: it sure wasn’t 800 points, I know that much. It was some huge number though. maybe 500 or something.
either way


No I didn’t.

wasn’t me lol
vw I guess