Bomber Arena

I’ve got enough coins for a guild one. I want a guild on the account Seeker99 called “The Legends” with Kondie, Tricxta and I as members. Also a room for our guild would be nice.

speaking of which cant a script be implimented to create,delete,add to and remove guild stuff in the drydens wares ?

Would to add another button to the GUI. I think a better idea would be to have a guy sitting by the Spar Arena or somewhere else selling Guilds with a GUI. Jonus would probably have to script it for us. But maybe someone like Tricxta could do it.

Just call him Beholder.

Oh, lol. I’m so used to calling him Jonus from playing Minecraft with him.

It’s most do-able, beholder would never let me touch bomber arena though, and I don’t blame him tbh.

just submit it to spooon or cadavre . shouldn’t be too much to ask for one of them to upload it for ya .

Respect the guy for the amount of work he put in it already, don’t ask for more damnit. It’s already arguably the best server in the game right now. Leave it as it is.

I’d still need the initial code. Beholder for some reason doesn’t like people getting their hands on his code, so yup.

if you do like was suggested and just make it a whole different npc all you really need is the flag name for coin storage to take from or add to .

Kind of wish you guys didn’t avoid games with me. Did you know that killing me gives 3x more score than winning?

Also, there isn’t a string just for coins.

I’d imagine it’d be stored in a client array.

I could code another gui system, but why do that when it’d make much more sense to utilise the initial code.
No matter what, I don’t think this’ll go through. Life goes on, who cares,hah.

Your score is high enough. But if you log on right now I’ll play with you.

It’s not #1. That’s a problem.

Let’s play. Right now.

When I enter the lobby (bomblobby.nw) my client automatically closes. I blame Tricxta. Fix it.


C’moooon! How am I supposed to be #1 again if I can’t play?

Yo, Marlon, can you look into this? I can’t even go on the server because I’m in the lobby.