Bomber Arena

It probably has something to do with the Engineer update. I’ll bet the new unlockable Wrench is going to be pretty cool.

engineer update? don’t know what it is but i’m guessing the newer version of the gserver they’re using is crashing.

Just a reference to another awesome online game. :slight_smile:

Also, tell them to test quicker. They’ll listen to you, you have numbers in your name.

can I screenshot?

Bomber Arena is awesome. You can play Bomber Man, design your own bomb, eventually there will be an apartment complex where you can get furniture for your own room, and idle while listening to music. >:O it’s awesome

can you screenshot?

But you already know what it looks like anyway :open_mouth:

That’s epic. Wish more people would play overnight when I’m awake, though. Would probably help if I idled on there and stuff.