Breaking Bad Season Premier

How many people watch Breaking Bad? Is anyone else excited for the season premier?

I didn’t watch all of Season 3, but it was good as far as I saw. Only problem is the plot is somewhat predictable:

Jessie does something fucked up -> they solve it with science.

Yeah, I watch Breaking Bad. I’m pretty excited for it as well.

Never heard of it, whats it about?

In a nutshell a chemistry teacher finds out he has cancer so he decided to start manufacturing crystal meth.

I have seen the first episode of the first season, does that count?

Boring show is boring.

I like the pace of breaking bad. It’s one of my favorite shows all time, and it hasn’t gone downhill like many other series tend to do after the first season.

A good example of this would be “Lost”. (going downhill)


way better then an glorified holly wood production .

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Breaking bad is one of the only shows I’ve ever watched on TV and it’s really well done.

If anything, it’s going uphill with all of the new action taking place.

I watched the first few episodes when it first premiered. It was decent; nothing I’d go out of my way to watch.

I’m excited :slight_smile: