Broken ac adapter

Recently ive noticed that on my old pavilion dv8000 that I have to push the adapter and hold it there to get a charge. This is a problem because my battery at100% dies in 5-10 mins. But I need to know is it the wire or the computer itself? If so how can I fix it.

Your battery could have died.

If your battery is going from 100% to dead in 5-10 minutes, then its not your computer, but your battery. Replace the battery, and problem solved.

My laptop battery dies in .1 seconds. :slight_smile:

lol “Replace your battery, problem solved.” Laptop batteries are expensive as hell, and on older models probably more than the laptop itself is worth.

That was the perfect world scenario. Hehe.

There’s a reason why even the most expensive warranties don’t cover batteries. They’re pretty much what keeps the laptop purchase flow going since it’s more expensive to manage an old laptop because of the battery than to just go buy a brand new laptop. Eventually you end up with an old-ass laptop tethered to a cord like a desktop with a shitty mouse and underpowered compared to the desktop you could have bought instead. Hell, even new laptops tend to shit on you when it comes to the batteries.

If they introduced some sort of standards for laptop batteries instead of each laptop having its own unique battery that ends up being cut off the production line along with the laptop then this wouldn’t be a problem. Then again this brings in the money so…

Sounds like it could be the cable, though. The “Battery dies in 5-10 min” part is definitely just the battery, but the fact that the cable has to be held in to get a charge would either be the charging receptacle or the cable itself. Try jigging the cable around, look for breaks in the cable, etc, to see if its a problem with the charger rather than the laptop.

If the cable’s fine and you think its the laptop… go buy an Asus. Keep the Pavilion for Target Practice.

(Also, I just thought about how awesome a touchpad version of Graal would be. Completely random thought…)

-_- Not exactly a reliable manufacturer… If anyone is going to buy a new laptop it might be worth checking out the new laptop thread someone started a while ago… some good points came up :0