Bugs:report them here

Yer im finding this weird… someone f***ed some players attributes also on kandora I made it so me and saputo where the only ones with staff access then did a server string check to check if they were staff before locking doors yet that shit still happens… i know it might seem far-fetched but maybe someone is hacking… after all graal doesnt have that greater security :expressionless:

Was broken before that

Should be fixed now :slight_smile: Enjoy

:frowning: Borken

What the fuck is this…the streak system is gone again x.x

Then how about updating the weapon through the level this time?

O.o Why must we go into the forums to discuss this again? x.x neither me nor you know the level



Nah, OSL doesn’t have em, last time I checked a few weeks ago x.x

Tricxta was on like an hour or two ago. That’s why I said you should update through the level…

___Merged doublepost__________________

Oh, look at that. Tricxta’s online.

In case anybody is wondering, all fixed :slight_smile: Tested and working perfectly…

nice, now can we please stop repeating what needs fixing. One person telling what the bug is will be sufficient.