[BUGs] Skittlez Playground

The smoke on the hat shop needs to be non-blocking.
Same with the huge building with flowers in front of it.
Actually i just found a third so imma say fix all the smoke…

The jump rope i personally would call broken (malin seems to disagree but w.e)

Malin’s house in general crashes the client

The head selectors should probably set your gani to idle…

The moon in itoast2.nw is blocking

that’s all i found for now…

Oh, as a suggestion try detailing with something other than bushes, rocks and grass(don’t know what else to call it)

Rocks and mushrooms are the most ridiculously over-used detailing tiles ever. PLEASE STOP USING THEM!

thanks for pointing that out ill be on it right away

Damn! You beat me too it :slight_smile:

And they block. Nothing like turning a simple path into a fucking maze.

That’s mostly why I hate them. I re-did Kandora’s main island because Saputo covered it with rocks, mushrooms and trees. Main island still sucks but at least you can walk on it now.

urza i fixed some of the smoke, if you see anymore plz tell me and ill get on it