That’s Gnome Cave. He’s talking about Tyhm’s really long quest.

the chaos sword shows as a sword lvl 1 in my stats, as well as i got the mirror shield, but not in my inventory… :frowning:

I’ll leave my character online in the orphanage warp room, in case any staff member is online tonight (i’m in the Netherlands… probably the least represented country on graal ghehehe )

Please fix this if possible…


I’ll be home tonight and fix it if it’s not fixed yet.

Ah great!
While your at it, could you check room #4 ("Fourth and Final round before the blob…) in Life Mountain?
I get killed constantly by something I cant see… wich is really bugging me, especially since I’ve tried everything…reconnecting, slashing and shooting around… cant get past it :((

___Merged doublepost__________________

and the Destiny Pyramid is missing a key… there is one chest left but I cant get to it, because I dont have the Golden Gloves yet…
It’s either that, or I made the freakin mistake of opening both doors left and right in the beginning, in which case I also need help :S

I’ve got the Blood Axe instead… seems to be working
I’ve bought the Mirror Shield in the shop.

Still need to get that bug fixed in that final blob room and the missing key to the destiny pyramid

I could both of those. Nothing is broken but you.

then why am i missing a key in the pyramid, is it because i opened both left and right doors in the beginning?

and the blob thing i’ll try tomorrow again… maybe its been reset then i dont know… it’s just really bloody annoying trying to fight something you cant see :stuck_out_tongue:

There are emough keys in the pyramid to open every door. You are simply missing a key. Go online and I’ll compare flags.

I don’t know why you can’t see the Blob, either.

I dont know if i cant see the blob… in the “fourth and final room” there are a lot of baddies with arrows and a dragon and something that keeps attacking me that i cant see… as far as I understand after that room comes the blob…

No. Kill all of the baddies and the blob shows up. (I think)

Okay, so i got the blob killed now, but still the pyramid is bugging me out…
I’ve triple (yes, really) checked all rooms and all chests, and the one on the pic is the only one I haven’t opened, but that’s because I dont have the golden gloves yet, but I need a key to get those…

can someone reset the whole thing for me?
I know the right way now i think…

You are missing pyramidbc4key which is in pyramidb_c-4.nw

This room is openned by the boulder destroying black rocks two levels down, you get it from an dead mummy NPC.