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Well they’re actually in front of my house putting fiber in the ground, so it’s finally time to start putting a computer together. I’m starting to research stuff, but I’ve never built one before so I figured I’d ask here first.
I want to try running a YouTube channel/Twitch stream where I design and build things like kites, electronics, and car restoration and play games like modded Minecraft and old console games. I assume video editing and using multiple cameras for different angles in stream would probably be the most intensive things I’d be doing. Is it better to start with a more modest streaming rig and then design a separate workstation for processing and editing video once I have a better idea of what it’s going to take? Budget wise I’d like to keep it under a thousand, but I’d spend more if that’s what it takes to process video in less than three days. I haven’t even looked at cameras yet so I’m not in a huge rush or anything, just finally have real confirmation that the fiber is actually happening.
I also just started a work schedule working 3-4 12 hour nights a week instead of every night so I’m back to having the free time to live on the Internet again.

Congratulations on the fiber, work schedule and stuff, so long as your ISP isn’t Frontier or other shitty second rate U.S. monopoly you should be fine.
As far as PC builds go you don’t really need to spend a lot of money, just spend it smartly, get the right stuff and set up your OS and software cleanly and responsibly.
You should be fine with just around $500 to start out.

I’m still using the build I made in 2012 consisting of a ASUS M5A97 AM3+ motherboard, AMD Phenom II x6 1075t 6 cores 2.7ghz stock overclocked at 3.4ghz $100ish - 16gb 1333mhz DDR3 ram (around $100ish), AMD Radeon 7770 1ghz edition with 2gb GDDR5, (around $140) 256gb m4 SSD (about $180) and various other internal and external drives I have been collecting for nearly 2 decades. It still runs most things just fine including most “modern gaymes” at medium or high settings. It also works great for video/audio encoding and most CPU/GPU and multicore intensive stuff. I’m very satisfied with my main desktop and other computers and probably won’t buy anything else for a long time unless something breaks down.

I’m mostly an AMD and budget kinda guy myself though I did/do love Intel from the single core Pentium/Celeron to Pentium 4 days mainly due to their insane overclockability (I used a 3.3Ghz Celeron D running at 4.2GHz back in 2006 the stupid PCChips motherboard actually burned out before the CPU, I still have that CPU and it’s probably still just fine)

Throughout the years I’ve mainly bought my stuff from Tigerdirect and Newegg and never really had a problem with either, but that was like a decade ago, no idea if either or both are still as good today.

I don’t really do alot of video and youtube stuff myself, but my associate NekoRoy runs a lame trolling and memes youtube channel…d66S0lDB0Srx3Q and mainly does his stuff with Bandicam (Bandicam is pretty handy especially in recording screen regions, resource efficent and can record in smaller file sizes than Fraps) Windows Movie Maker, Audacity and maybe other stuff.

Most important of things if recording video irl is stability, contrast and lighting. Those silly “selfie sticks” you can buy from the dollar store can be very handy not just for cell phones or “selfies” but for regular cameras as well especially if you get creative with structures, mounting, positioning and other stuff. simple and cheap things can be surprisingly handly like LED lights and sheets of paper to diffuse bright lights. oh and duct tape and thumbtacks; The ability to rig things together virtually anywhere is surprisingly handy.

The AVGN guy actually explains some handy stuff and ideas for what he does.

Need advice on how to choose your parts? Like, how to know if they are compatible with each other?

more urza adventures pls

excited to see what you do. just get a good build and don’t worry about a separate workstation yet.

You’re going to need a decent video card for streaming, as for the CPU I would just get a i5 5th gen, would be fine. Ram… Probably 8-16gb ddr4. I would also get an SSD so you can boot fast and will be cleaner for games.

If you are going to steam console games, you’re going to need a capture card. I use a Elgato capture card it’s really nice external cap card.

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SSDs are life.
I keep in mind mine can stop working whenever due to wear… but the speed is worth it.

you hear that, various? don’t use 2ndwolf’s ssd because it might stop working.

Isn’t all flash memory that fails with wear? I wrote “mine” because I’m unsure.

Come visit me if you buy your shit from Microcenter. It’s cheap as hell there. They even sell processors at cost. Feel free to PM me if you have questions and I’ll try to check the forums lol.

This is one of the pre-builts Microcenter has right now. Would probably run you around $1000 - $1100 if you built it yourself.

I need to know… I wouldn’t buy an i5 since there are i7s around.
It sounds like buying a Pentium 2 while there are Pentium 4s available.

Am I right?

They’re still working on running the fiber and the satellite company has disconnected us out of spite so Ive been down to my phone a few weeks now. Been researching stuff a little over a week and I’m tempted to build around either the AMD Ryzen 1600 or 1700, but Ethereum mining has caused a shortage of mid level graphics cards so I’m planning on waiting and doing more research. I looked into the last gen AMD processors, but I’m fine with spending more since I’ll probably live on this thing until it dies like I do with most computers. Might just pick up a base level gpu if things don’t improve once I can Internet again and buy something better when things calm down.

Watched the AVGN video the other day and that helped a lot. I’ll probably look for more stuff like that when I get to actual content creation.

I think Pentium i5 and i7 are the same generation unlike the 2 versus the 4 which represented leaps. AMD Ryzen also has 3, 5, and 7 series for price/performance brackets as well. I also think its the mechanical hdd that wears down because of moving component wear.

Not sure what this link will do but I’ve been playing around with a shopping list from a random tutorial video. I’m still researching most of the components including the tower, ssd, and ram so those probably won’t be what I pick up.

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All my nerd friends have been saying their ryzens are buggy as fuck

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They had problems at launch not sure how many lingering issues haven’t been resolved with bios updates and such. I’ll try searching YouTube and Reddit to see where things are at now.

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Dude, GPU prices are absolutely fucked. I bought my 1060 6gb three weeks ago for $245 from Microcenter, before tax. Now they’re selling that same one for ~$320 before tax. Newegg has some listings for $700 of my GPU. I’d definitely wait. I haven’t heard a lot about Ryzen other than good stuff. You could just wait on the GPU if you wanted.

What’s going on with GPUs are that bitcoin and ethereum miners are buying them up thinking they will make alot of money, there is also alot of insider trading and fraud from the GPU and other technology related manufacturing companies.

Prices on alot of things is seriously fucked right now including DDR3/4 ram. In fact the exact same things today such as 16gb (4x4gb) 1333mhz DDR3 memory are double or triple of what they were in 2012.

A new trend in CPU’s including the Intel i9 and Ryzen varients seem to be to increase the physical cpu size “the palm of your hand sized” and increasing wattage and temps to insane levels like 300 watts TDP and 100c temps.

Insane things like palm sized cpus and high wattage is because so called “innovation” is limited and has been since 2010 since die sized can’t be shrinked much more and the performance increases resulting from smaller die sizes is exponentially less and less.

I even heard intel is going to put DRM and DLC content into their products. (Intel i9s start out neutered and you can unlock extra speed and features by buying RFID cards from your retail stores and renewing/spending monthly like shitty cell phone pay cards)

Ryzen isn’t “as bad” but it won’t work right unless you use Windows 10 which is B.S. so to that I personally would also say no unless I could use it with Windows 7, XP or Linux.

If I was to buy a new CPU it would be the FX 8350 with 8 cores at 4ghz stock and only $100-$120 or so…tId=11857#spec

but like I said earlier I am still 100% happy with my Phenom II x6 1075t and may not buy anything else for quite awhile.

I need to work on a new pc eventually as well since I ran it into the ground but I’d rather just buy more guns