Can I get some help?

Hello now what ive been trying to do was get a “Script” inside of “Showimg”


showimg ,@@@Time Left:,247,399;
changeimgvis ,4;[/CODE]
Like how it says Time Left: I want something to be after that such as…

for(this.i=600;this.i>0;this.i--){ message #v(this.i); sleep 1; } sleep 1; message; hide;
I tried using somthing like putnpc but it failed. Any help? Thanks.

for (this.time=60;this.time>-1;this.time--){
  showtext 500,247,399,arial,bc,Time left:#v(this.time);
  sleep 1;

Im suprised you werent able to fix it but meh… fixed now

showimg index,x,y,@font@[email protected];

updated my code post. Fixed now lol

lol i saw what was wrong you put this.time instead of this.i sorrry.

uhhh no i had this.i instead of this.time lol. Dont worry youll get better eventually

well its the same thing i just used this.i in the first place so thats what I pointed out :stuck_out_tongue: