can someone fix this

im trying to make it so that its a toggle skill and when you untoggle it
it sets these default anis

replaceani idle,zodiac_newsworddualidle; replaceani sword,zodiac_newsworddualattack9;
replaceani walk,zodiac_newsworddualwalk;

At this rate…
Beholder and everyone else
are going to end up scripting your entire server for you.
Go here and get the scripting guides.

haha nah im doing alot of other crap, once i get pretty much one of everything, ill study it lol then i wont need help. btw lambo, i was wondering if you got my email. lol

well honestly, the way i do it is i ask for something i know im gonna use the same type of command for in the future, break it down, save it as a txt file of commands. that way when i need something, Boom its right there and i can start scripting it lol

I did get it …and I replied.
Your talking about my mines on Rune and the level pack, right?

yeah, i asked about the lantern, and pickaxe and stuff. i sent it today not the one about the escalators which didnt seem to work for me Lmfao.

Yeah, I replied to that one.
At any rate my mines are unfinished, and the scripts for each of those tools are problematic. But if you want them…they are in my level pack that I re-uploaded to my site.
The escalators probably didnt work because you are lacking the staircase images. Those should be in the images zip on my site.

on your server, where do i go to mine stuff/ do you have a script of it, thats what i was asking. do you have a script of minable materials… lol

No, I havent made any of that yet.

ah i c, no wonder i ran around your server for 30 mins and got nothin LoL

For the most part…its just me working on Rune.
Its mostly empty and incomplete.
I haven’t really began to script much of anything on it yet.

Sorry to interrupt but rune is looking good Lambo

Well its looking good either way
if you need me to make u any graphics let me know
cause thats about all im good at xD

Thanx Urza,
But I have to be honest…and say that Rune is mix of things from everywhere.
I put alot of time into the OW …but I also borrowed content from almost every playerworld I could get my grubby hands on.
Even the tileset belongs to Shiny who gave me permission to use em’.
I dont know if I will ever get anywhere with Rune…but its a fun hobby.

i kinda did the same thing lmfao
but mines only for offline play for my little brothers… xD
im just tryin to make em happy

Well, you have done an excellent job of blending them together, keep up the good work

yeah id definately say run has got to be like my favorite, you gotta finish that soon, maybe ill give up on my project and just send my lil bros to u :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest, I have been getting burnt out …and wanting a break.
But, I’ll get back to work soon.

[php]if (playertouchsme) {
toweapons -Stealth;

if ((timeout || playerenters) && isweapon) {
if (keydown2(88,true) && playermp>0) {
replaceani idle,Kendig_stealthidle;
replaceani walk,Kendig_stealth;
this.regen = (this.regen - 0.05) % 0.1;
if(this.regen == 0) playermp -= 1;
this.stealthing = 1;
} else {
if (this.stealthing == 1) {
replaceani idle,idle;
replaceani walk,walk;
this.stealthing = 0;
timeout = 0.05;
? Not sure if that’d work because I didn’t test it…

Really though, I’m not entirely sure where you got your syntax for ‘while’ at.

take your time, if you rush too much and get burnt out youll just throw it together fast and not put time into it, take a break. im sure all of us rune fans will patiently wait xD

that was an attempt. lmfao

umm well does that make it a toggle?
thats what im lookin for, when u press it it stays on
when u press it again u turns off.

Try it now, I updated it.