Can someone make me somthing please

I really wont a working gun on my sever can anyone
who no’s a script or can make one can u pm or upload the file to this thread

Thank You :smiley:


no learn how to script

your niice lol :rolleyes:

well first off it requires images , when you have images the gani’s can be made and when those two are done you can script it . but you can’t make something from nothing , ill help you out if i can but i need something to work with .

i might have a picture u could work with its a shield but if it works i can send

so in other words you need one made from scratch .

There have been a bazillion threads of ‘need gunz plz’ in here already, have a look for them.
I think a few of them might actually have scripts.

Most decent scripters don’t want guns on reborn though and won’t help you out (me included :P).

I’ll close this and you can go look for the threads using search if you’d like to.