Can you still download?

New PC, No backups, No reborn, so anyone got a link for Reborn and the GServer?

I do not know of any way to get it. Plus I don’t think there’s a method to create new accounts anymore to play on the servers.

Dang, I want it as well.

Well, hopefully one of the staff reply and give you the proper rundown. They will know more than I will. I’m just a guy who checks the forums. I’m not on the Discord either, so I don’t even know what shenanigans are shananibeing done.

We do not distribute the client/server anymore. You might be able to find someone who has it if you ask around.

uh, we totally can distribute the server. its OUR software

anyway i’ve been working on something lately graal-related, still in beta though.

  Changelog for:

  * bug fix, + new feature, o other
+ Built-in npc-server, with nc-support. For more information on scripting please read npcserver.txt
* Npcs should no longer duplicate on gmaps, and should be properly deleted.
* Fixed an issue with sockets not binding or connecting on OSX
o Changed build system to cmake
o Removed plugin system since it was never used (Windows build) (Linux build)


what was the plugin system made for?

An idea that never came to fruition. Custom dlls to implement some features, the only one being listed as loading/saving accounts. Was never used

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Nice @Joey

So no client?

Someone did post it but I removed their post. It is against the forum rules to distribute it here, but i’m sure someone on discord could help you or a quick google search.


Also my bad for posting it.

Oe, Also @Zin i dm’d you about a week ago