Cant figure out a command

my brother asked me to make him a weapon, i cant quite figure out how to do it…

He wants the weapon to pretty much do a shadowstep, a.k.a

when u use it if you’re facing right it will hide your player warp your player 5 spaces to the right, change his direction to the opposite (left) and slash,

so pretty much what im asking is

What is the command to move your character 5 spaces, but stay on the same map.
also what is the command to make your player slash

playerx += vecx(playerdir)*5;
playery += vecy(playerdir)*5;
playerdir = (playerdir + 2) %4;
setani sword,;

No Onwall detection is added.

ah, the command has no problems… but what version of graal is that command for, im running an old one that i archived a long time ago lol…

could you possibly tell me which graal is the most up to date that i should use that i can still edit things and play offline with

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i updated to 1.4.1 or something like that and tested that script

i got Error: Expected format var, var[i], obj[i].attr, function(a), function(a,b)

and vecx(playerdir) is highlighted

1.4.1 is a downgrade.
The clients we use are (usable by newer and older GServers) and (Only useable by newer GServers).

If you truly want that script compatible for graal 1.39/1.41

this.vec = {0,-1,-1,0,0,1,1,0};
playerx += this.vec[playerdir*2]5;
playery += [I]this.vec[playerdir
playerdir = (playerdir + 2) %4;
setani sword,;

You can pick up the newer clients in the Unofficial Releases section of the forums.

well if i upgrade to will i have to remake all my maps to nw? or can i still use .graal ?

You can still use .graal
However I think some .graal compatability was damaged (Gserver-wise) with one of the GServer types, and unsure if it was repaired. You should try to use .nw from now on though, it has a few advantages over the .graal version.

There’s a .graal to .nw converter somewhere if you’re assed to find it… actually…

Make sure you read the readme. All you basically do is put all the .graal files in the same folder and run the program.

Well i installed client version and all my letters are messed up now, how do i fix this?

Just a heads up, the NW convert changes ever GRAAL file on your computer. Atleast that’s what one did to me.

Did you run it from C:/ so it affected every sub folder? lol

I “heard” it had to do with the linking, and that I wasn’t sure if it was remedied by now or not.
Chance was, they just didn’t fix their level links though.

uhm, my text is all sorts of destroyed… how do i fix this?

Looks like an image is missing, redownload the client O_o?

had to add the font to my fonts in windows, lol. uhm one last thing, has anyone made a class system yet, example… Warrior, Thief, Mage stuff like that cause if they have that would just complete my game. lol
is there any way to make the max mp higher, like get a bigger bar.

oh btw Beholder, that command worked… but, when something gets hit by the sword, it doesnt hurt them could you help me out there?

also is there any body packs out there, cause i have a few but i need some new looking ones, perhaps someone wearing a robe or a jacked looking armor set one. stuff like that, could you point me in a direction if one exists?

and how do i change the ip config of my client so it connects to my gserver not the original one, i also wanna make my chars start on house1.nw not the stupid tutorial level for the new world graal

The “command” (is actually a bunch of commands) was only really meant to hurt players. Hurting baddies and players is a bit different depending how far you go.

well that answers one question, lol what about the other questions

I didn’t feel like answering. lol
Using out GServer, to change the starting location of players edit “defaultaccount.txt”
To change the “unstick me” location, edit the server options.

Changing the IP config of the client, use our client. arrays2.dat will let you access our Listserver.

Take note we use the and clients, not 1.41 or 1.39 (for now)
And even then, we will release the cracked clients when we do.

lemme rephrase that

I want to change what map you start on offline.

I want to change the ip that the client connects to my personal server ( its for me and my brothers)

  1. just edit the map for offline mode.
  2. make the server hidden and staff only, much easier.

i cant edit that map its the dumb map where the guy is sittng there saying touch me for information. and your the new look style, how do i edit that

Press F4.