Car script

Heya , Anyone got a script like Era?
And how to create one ?


puthorse x,y,image;

  1. Use the Search button. You can even search on google “graal +car script”
  2. Don’t even ask for a car script if you don’t know basic scripting. I am incapable of figuring out a car script and it will take a long time for me to approach that level of knowledge.
  3. If you do getthe script and figure it out you’ll need graphics and ganis(I think). You can find those in iFile, just go to the iNoob Era files.

G’luck Frenchies

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puthorse ,; is pretty funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the image will be a car? :o

Yes it is. They overwrite images and then they wanted gralats to last forever, and now they need a carscript…

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