Carlito is a woman beating cowardly sack of garbage.

An anonymous tipster left this in the NekoRoy’s Graal Site email inbox of which I am a co-founder/contributing editor and which details will be mirrored/posted on there soon.

Yes, it is the Graal PWA Admin Carlito, who’m Stephane has failed to acknowledge any of the criticisms of after his tenure as the worst PWA in the history of Graal.

I always knew Carlito was a grade AAA+++ steaming pile of crap and a self propelled tiny dick, this just confirms what I already knew.

He likes to beat women from behind? He is a pendejo, puto, cholo and enchufe that deserves a TRUMP DEPORTATION. I challenge this little “carlito” coward to come try beating me and see what ends up happening to him.…c901c5660.html

MIDDLETON - Whenever I try to copy/paste things here it gets cut off… The jist is Carlito beats women and is a loser/coward. Click the link and read the details.

Thank you for this useful and informative post.

I wonder who the tipster was…

It appears the real Stephane has replied in the comments, and has since been savaged by a concerned Graalian.

Oh boy. That was funny. The real stephane somehow found that article, commented on it and… the comment section of a rape story turned to the bad administration of graal by the culprit.


The disgraced Carlito has lately been logging on to Delteria using the DarkLink account. I guess you can’t blame him for not wanting to show his face.

Anyone with a knowledge of Graal history would know that DarkLink is MysticalDragon’s old account.

Or without knowledge too:

Had no idea.

I worked with MD for years on several servers. He’s a wanna-be gangster, pretends to be a Latin King. He’s been hitting women for years. He’s scammed his own family out of money. The guy needs some serious help.

Yeah, I’ve worked with him too. Loves to take credit for other peoples’ work.