CD/DVD Drive Error

When I try playing a CD Game it tells me “There is no CD/DVD DRIVE on your computer try attaching one and then continuing.” although I have one and it opens and closes but doesn’t register with the computer. Anyone know how to fix it?

Aye’ yo set dat JUMPA right? If it be it’s own channel set it to masta, if its on the same IDE cable as the hard drive make it SLAVE, is it firmly connected the right way? is the powa hooked? Remember a slave drive is usually black… MASTA BE WHITE G’ ! Ya’ll troubleshoot it? try swappin dem cables, switching IDE channels. Also do other CDs/DVDs work in the drive? Is it a pirated CD?

Nothing Works Except that it oepens and closes
All CD’s are doing it and no they are all legal
Nothing is disconnected or anything

Sounds like your CD drive either became disconnected or went bad somehow, if all possible causes and options have been exhausted and the drive worked before, my advice would have to be to replace it, you can find great DVD RW drives for really cheap at newegg and tigerdirect and other stores $20-$30 + shipping, too bad I can’t post links because of the “spam filter” on these forums…

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