CDA Tileset and Graphics Dump

I’ve been hanging on to this stuff for awhile now for my unfinished playerword. I’m pretty sure that I’m never going to have the time to get back around to it. However, I spent a good few months of my life making a shit ton of graphics for it and it would be retarded to let them rot.

I’ll start off with the tileset I spose, and a couple screenshots for examples.

Cruise ship, and a few baddies.

Can post all the ganis (and scripts for most of them) for the baddies if someone wants them. However I dunno how useful my scripting will really be.

Wow, very nice work. I like the tileset, except the way the doors meet with the buildings. Perhaps I’ll use some of your stuff in the future.

More baddies.

Gonna make a zip file and include all the levels, graphics, and ganis. There’s way too much stuff for attachments.

did you make that all yourself? it’s nice. :slight_smile:

Ugh, I was hoping you’d get around to working on it again.

ZIP file containing all graphics, ganis, and levels as I realize that a lot of my graphic sheets may not be easy to make sense of without the ganis and levels. GUI menu/buttons, custom lights, explosions, effects, more baddies, shit ton of 32x32 item sprites, etc.

Enjoy, hope theres something for everybody. All I ask is a little credit.

Of note, if anyone is doing effects like electrocution and freezing on their playerworld there are a couple of light graphics and ganis in here I thought came out pretty decent. Would be cool to see them used. Don’t think the scripts are in the zip but it should be easily recreated with triggeraction.

Honestly I had really wanted to, but I can’t keep up with the scripting aspect of it. Don’t know much outside of clientside scripting but I do know enough that to continue with this project I’d have to invest some time into learning serverside stuff. And probably need a lot more free time.

You don’t mind if we use like, a lot of this, do you? So long as we provide a quality server behind it.

Use away, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted them here. And if a server wants to use the tileset I could help do graphics and levels for the sake of fluidity. I dunno how easy my tileset is to make sense of what exactly everything is. And that stuff isn’t nearly as consuming as making an entire server by myself.

Forgot about this old thread:
Guess those were the game mechanics I was going for, amazing how much of this I had forgotten about.

Found this too, maybe helps get an idea of how some of the mess of graphics in that zip are were used.

I like that inventory gui thingy.

Again if anyone cared. Shop system on the world map was working somewhat with the mechanics system to transfer player items and equips using server strings. Never really tested it online to see how sound it was, my guess would be not very lol. Eh, all the jargon and stuff was just there so I could visually read the strings. Was gonna take it out later.

omigawd Shrimpie is back!

you mind if I look at your stuff to help me learn? It would benefit the players of!!! :smiley:


What? I was serious! I could learn something off it and be able to put it on my server and everyone will benifit!

I consider myself too inexperienced to be abusing Shrimpie’s hard work, so don’t give me that “I can do it justice” nonsense… CDA really should be continued in its entirety–not partitioned between some noobs to wear out the fancy new graphics. It was bad enough when everybody started using Twiggy’s tile set at once.

I wasn’t gonna use the graphics, jeez Various. I just wanted to look at it so I can see If I could learn. So back off.

DIE!! *Throws Yenairo through the window, follows up with random furniture for good measure

far away voices outside