I work actuelement on a waiter server:Chanel, here is some photo:[ATTACH]1318[/ATTACH]



Can we get an IP-Range ban on all frenchies? Plxkthx

those are just HORRIBLE…

Disney evil!

…I am not joking!
While you’re at it, frenchie; try hiring or becoming part of a brick squad!

Why are they allowed to continue to make shit servers?

Man you guys hate the French more than you hate the iNoobs… Why don’t you just start them a separate list server?

Excellent idea, now we just need someone not lazy…

Anyways there are three things i dont understand about your post link82.
1: what is the last screenshot supposed to be?
2: why you included onlinelevelstart.graal
3: your english

They’ll be lonely like hell, non? (’^ヮ^)

So basically you guys are all behind ip banning them, but not segregation–seeing as they’d get lonely?

Ok guys enough hating on the Frenchmen. If you don’t like their servers don’t get on them.

Also, in their threads why not at least try to help them become better Devs?

Im behind both, but only for the frenchies who cant talk (aka all of them)
But if by some miracle theres a frenchy that doesnt use words from 17 differerent languanges in the wrong order and dont use a question mark for a statement, then their good by me

___Merged doublepost__________________

Because we cant understand them

No, really. You’re all just being annoying.
While we’re at it, let’s start a thread on Engrish.


はい! Speak some japanese for us!

Mushru-mu ramen is not an opshon.

Sorry he uses a bad translator?

I work actuelement actually on a waiter(he used the word serveur which typically means waiter but can also be used for “server”) server:Chanel, here is some photo:

Pretty easy to understand with about a minute of checking for bad translations.
Please make a new thread if you wish to continue on this “ban the french” shit

link82: I would you suggest you look at some of the levels in This Forum

Pokemon Centre?

How to find Pokemon center?

Also, yeah you should start making your own levels, I started leveling by examining most of iPhone’s levels. Then I became more interested in Classic and examined those levels. This has helped me become a successful LAT. Just some tips.

while we are correcting…

Oh i didnt consider he had to use a translator, i just assumed he was bad at it learning in school. Im sorry.
It was mostly the fact that he said he works on a waiter. No idea what that meant

In france they don’t teach English.

All of you are fucking retarded.

Don’t expect any help from the retards.