Client for Mac

Is there any client for mac?
I cant find a program that will let me run a windows application on my mac without it coming out like a gray window on my screen.

Well I think at one point there was a bastardized client that had a wrapper. To let Linux and Mac users play Graal (though without DirectX support)

what happened to it? i dont mind playing without the lights, they normally lag me anyway.

One for Linux, may work with WINE? O_o

Just use wine.

Is wine available for mac? O_o

The port of Wine for Mac is called Darwine.
Keep in mind that you have to have an Intel Mac to use it.

Or you could buy a real computer. :open_mouth:

I have a Mac and a “real computer”. I was wondering if there was a client fo mac though.

There is, but it’s not usable on here yet.

Solution Time!

  1. If intel mac… duelboot
  2. Darwin works ok with 2.17 with some fiddling (Havn’t tested powerpc version)
  3. VM such as VirtualBox
  4. Wait till GR gets to officially supporting a version with a mac client (3?)
  5. Use the online JavaScript Graal client (TODO :D)

I unfortunately never got round to doing a Mac WINE wrapper (linux only)