Client help

Every time I try to download the client I get redirected to a login page.

Gserver is not the client, so don’t post in there. Try removing the cookies for graal reborn and log in again.

The client should be downloadable even when you’re not logged in. The GServer on the other hand needs a valid user to be downloaded.

No clue where you’re trying, but this page should work:

Use the links under “Client Package Download Mirrors”, midway down the page

On the download page I tried downloading New Client Package [Full]: (13.5MB) but the download mirror for it confuses me. It just sends me to a page on with two links and a request download ticket button.

How does it work?

You click the “Request Download Ticket” button. When the page refreshes, it should change to a “Download” button.

I had tried that but it doesn’t show a “Download” button after refreshing.

Do you have cookies turned off? You could also try using a different web browser.