Client progress


Wow cool


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Quite a bit of progress over the past 3 days. At least relative to what there has been in the recent past. Yes, I know, it might as well be nothing when there’s nothing to show for it.


Do you have a roadmap / todo list?


Everything is in the first post of the thread.


Best of luck to your project. :slight_smile:


The errors it throws are about what is actually wrong. Nice!


Cool stuff. I’m thinking about implementing an embedded scripting language into my game (which won’t be a Graal client, just Graal inspired) with someone else’s open source parsing / interpreter library, possibly sandboxed javascript, possibly Lua. I can’t imagine how much work writing one must be.

I just got networking and rudimentary lag compensation / interpolation working in my game. I want to post progress soon, maybe a playable demo, but I’m on a 60 hour a week crunch right now for web dev work for the next two weeks so I can’t start working on it again till that’s over.


Life loves to get in the way of working on stuff like this. I miss the days of having no job and 100% free time


I’m still making steady progress, surprisingly. I hope to be done with the compiler updates in a few days so I can get back to where I left off instead of updating existing functionality. I wonder how long this motivation will last…

Edit: The harder part of the syntax checker updates appear to be done. I should be able to get to the actual compiler updates tomorrow.

Edit 2: I’m comfortable labeling the syntax checker updates as completed. I’ll be updating the compiler today, which I don’t anticipate taking too long. (Although “Wow, this is a nightmare and I never considered it.” things love to pop up.) Then it’s finally back to where I was! So close to having the script engine completed.

[noparse]Edit 3: Pretty good progress today. I’ve definitely got the more difficult aspects of the compiler updates figured out. I’m just getting them implemented now.[/noparse]

Edit 4: Almost done with the backtracking. I should definitely be progressing into new territory again tomorrow. I need to sleep!


I just realized this thread was started almost 3 years ago. I’m sure that boosts everyone’s confidence in this ever getting to a usable point! (Almost all of that time is just a lack of working on it, not that everything is really THAT complicated.)

Edit: Sooo close to being caught up. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of all of this either. The code is awesomely clean and all functionality is where it should be.

Edit 2: I’m out of time for tonight, and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Dammit. I ran into several problems with the compiler as a result of the variable storage changes that were made, but I believe they’re resolved now. All I think is left is to run as many different scenarios through it as I can think of and verify the results. Then it’ll be back to the interpreter, which is the fun part. Considering it’s largely completed as well, it shouldn’t be too long before I can call the script engine completed and finally start working on the graphical aspects of the client.


I’ve been testing the compiler all day. I’ve encountered many things that I skipped/overlooked the first time around and have fixed a lot of them. However, one major issue came up that required several iterations to get right, and the end result needs a lot of code changes. That’s taking quite a bit of time, so not too much progress overall today. The good news is that I didn’t get stuck on that issue like I tend to!

Aside from that major setback, the compiler has been surprising me with what it’s handling correctly.

Edit: The major issue changes were a success. Going through the list of problems I found along the way now. Nothing too bad.


It’s amazing how much you can get done when you have the ability to focus on what you’re doing! I have no idea where all of this came from. I’m not taking medications or anything, rofl.

My issue list is almost empty, and there are no foreseeable roadblocks. Today was kind of held back due to a multitude of problems chaining off of each other. I hope to be able to re-label the compiler as complete possibly tonight, but probably some time tomorrow night.



Ok… the compiler is done as far as I’m concerned. Anything that’s left are probably rare scenarios that happen to be unaccounted for. Now I get to refamiliarize myself with the interpreter and update it to match the compiler changes. At least this isn’t as complex as the compiler! Of course I get to this point when I need to sleep for work… but at least the weekend is right here.


I had to life today, so I didn’t get to start tonight until about an hour ago. The changes made in the compiler are already extremely relieving to carry over into the interpreter. It feels so much more intelligently designed now.

[noparse]Edit: Still up at 5:30 AM… the amount of random problems I ran into was ridiculous. There was also a design flaw I had to go back and correct. Regardless, I’m genuinely caught up to where I was when I left off a while ago now. Except with a much better design to work with this time. Nothing but real progress to come.[/noparse]


The first day of new stuff! For me, at least. The updates I made to the compiler continue to prove to be exactly what were needed and make everything so much easier. At this point, the script engine is essentially functional, but lacks any sort of interface with what will become the client. There’s still work to be done, but once again, I’m very happy with the results.

I still need to do lots of testing to try to break the interpreter. Dynamic variable support (Variables with non-fixed names.) also needs to be implemented. That shouldn’t be too complicated.


ill help and try to break it


Thanks, but I’m not prepared to distribute anything at this point.