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I don’t play WoW because its a nerd game




So we have Antago the God of Gravity
Dylan the True God of Gravity
Spooon the True Idle God

and now Coat, a Referee God

I announce I’m God of Time, since everyone put down their masks and it’s full of gods here.


I’m an atheist.


What kind of atheist?
The ones who are actually atheist and believe there is no god or those who are in reality agnostics and believe there is no point debating if there is a God since we can’t prove His existence?. Or some kind of misdirected satanist who believes he’s his own God, worships his own existence and maybe delves in stuff like new age or any spiritual stuff of the same branch? (which is amusingly compatible with christianism if we include the teaching that one should value their life greatly)

USA’s population has a really really broad use of the word atheist. If you want to debate about these differenciations, look elsewhere though.

Personally, I got interested in the wicca and set up a system of 10 primary gods of this dimension. Ended up in psychiatry. Nowadays I think satanism makes sense but fuck religion, really there’s so much more inspiration to be found elsewhere. Religion as it is now is a dead horse.

I’d love to be able to flesh out the ideas I had before ending up in psychiatry though, I’ve been advised I shouldn’t so yeah… meh. My best vector of creativity ran into the ground.


Don’t be sad, 2ndwolf. You would have turned into another antago if you didn’t listen to your psychologist. You started talking like him at the end there.


I’m aware I have had absences but I couldn’t find back weird stuff on these forums.

But yeah, kinda sad… tnx for the support.


Lol @ language barrier/not-hearing-my-tone-because-internet problems


At what?
Did I miswrite?
I meant: I’m kinda sad.

If that’s what you’re writing about.


So it has been 3 years since this thread was opened.




Whenever I get sad, I take comfort in the fact that eventually I’m going to die slowly and painfully through the inevitable decay of old age just like everyone else, and never be around to remember anything, rendering everything that’s happened in my life completely worthless after death.

Keeps me from ever being sad.


sick edgy nhilism my dude


Thanks m’lady.


Now you see why there are no new clients.


even Graal wasn’t built in a day. The client didn’t become something really worth its salt until 2001ish


Honestly though the fact that x and y values and level collisions are stored on the client with no server-side checks, and how easy it is to speed / wallhack would be considered a sick joke for any other game released today, it’s like that even in the the most recent Graal client probably. But especially for an MMO-type game it’s bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stefan cut many other corners. (Not surprised at all actually considering Graal_222 leaks on a very high-end machine every time I open it). Not to mention how quickly passion was lost after a certain point and his half-assed inability to update any of the tools.

But yeah recreating Graal is still an extremely laborious and time-consuming thing to do, but even more so actually doing it right.

Requires a lot of motivation and you’d probably find yourself asking “Why am I even doing this?” many times with very few justifiable answers but have to keep pushing on anyways.


That’s where it fails easily. It’s hard to justify a game like Graal in today’s market. It’s not very marketable, and relies on exactly what unixmad reaps a profit off of: community creation/effort. There are very few things that succeed with that as the driving force. Even Minecraft has mostly died out, and it has far more novelty than a poorly made aLttP clone.


Yall need to start using pre-made packages and stop making stuff from scratch. I was rendering graal levels in under 10 minutes and only wrote about 20 lines of code. The rando physics engine I chose to use already had collision detection built in.


hosler is right, assembly is way too hard.