Client progress


Good choice. Sleep can suck it

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Sleep is for the weak!

I’m glad you see it this way. Would love to see you get to the client implementation.


Sleep can take a dirt nap. Hah!

Nice work mate :slight_smile:


Still finishing up implementing the built-in functions/variables. It’s going well, after some stupid mistakes earlier today. Overall it’s really starting to feel like a script engine instead of some halfassed thing. It was pretty neat to throw in essentially a “print” function for the language and see it in action with various logic involved.

A means of triggering events is really all I can think of that remains, and that shouldn’t be complicated at all. After that, a ton of testing. Assuming nothing major pops up during testing, I can see being able to move past the script engine very soon, finally.

I’d take some screenshots, but it’s nothing spectacular. Just some scripts doing what you’d expect. If only I could convey the complexity behind it, though.

Edit: The built-in functions/variables are done, at least for now. I definitely didn’t add all of them yet, but enough for a proof-of-concept. Moving on to events. Almost. FUCKING. DONE!

Edit 2: Well that was absurdly easy for a change. Events are done. Starting the extensive testing now.


Testing is still underway on the completed scripting engine. I’ve encountered a few issues that have been resolved, but nothing major yet, luckily. It’s looking good for being able to move on to graphical stuff!

Edit: I’m going to allow my usage of the script engine as the client progresses to be the remaining script engine testing. All of what I did test is functioning as expected, including a lot of complex things that surprised me. So this is the “client” officially starting development, if you consider the script engine a separate entity.


Not too much done, as I’ve been busy with other stuff. I have 4 days off starting Thursday. I’m going to try to get the rendering framework done and get a working editbox control completed at least.

Here’s the client’s first screenshot, and it’s amazing!!!

That’s right. A red screen. It’s being rendered by Direct3D 11, though! All I had time to do was learn the initialization process for Direct3D 11 so far. More to come.


Just making an image appear is already much work. I appreciate that.
For the name, haven’t you suggested Grawl in the past?


Code Yaar Engine! Like a pirate, hack, even Growling. Still a throw back, but unique and kinda neat lol.

Nice work though.


we all already know his game will be called “cup online”


lol XD
hosler u so zany


Was just thinking that if you get to a point where you want to start working on loading levels, maps. I would happily build a world for you. Perhaps add Tiled support or something to that effect - just thought I would mention it.


i can also toss you the algorithm for reading nw files if you wanna support those levels too


It should support Tiled… it didn’t look too hard back in the days when I was trying to implement that. Trying, yes, but I’m certain codr would succeed without too much effort.


That will come after the basic UI components. A UI has to come first for logging in and server selection. My plan was to not only convert levels to the new format used by this engine, but also attempt a script converter. Level conversion is guaranteed, but the script thing may not work well, depending on how the client interfaces with the script engine for displaying images, handling NPCs, etc.

What do you think I am? A novice?! :frowning: I’ve had that done for a long time, from back when I was playing around with the idea of an engine.


Ah, nice to hear. Would layers - tile layers e.g tiles that can utilize transparency and block, the same, but non blocking, etc - be supported at some point and building upon the converted levels / adding layers on top.
If so, I might consider building out this little project/server/messing thing of mine with that in mind and possibly work on customizing the tileset more.

I’m not sure script conversion would be such a big deal. I read through your docu before on the scripting engine and it looks a lot nicer to work with then GS1, but that’s just my opinion lol. Really nice work on that btw.


Yes. Tile layers and animated tilesets, though the animated ones may be constrained in size. I’m not sure yet

However, I wouldn’t suggest basing anything off of this project. Historically I’ve been very bad at keeping up with the work on it.


Nice, sounds cool.

Understandable. Well, I hope you do continue this project as it’s looking like an interesting prospect.


I haven’t gotten much done like I planned. I’ve been busy with life the majority of the past two days. I have learned enough about Direct3D 11 at this point to match what I previously knew with Direct3D 9, though. I’ve also learned how to use DirectWrite for text so that I can start on the editbox control. (And DirectWrite is amazing. I’m so glad I don’t have to use my own text renderer that I created a long time ago, because it wasn’t ideal.)

For those unaware, Direct3D is actually used to render pairs of triangles on the screen to form rectangular images in 2D rendering. That’s why it’s necessary. I’m not trying to do 3D anything here.


It looks like DirectWrite (text renderer by Microsoft) may not be the right choice for the engine, so I’ve updated the text renderer I created a while ago. Luckily it worked without many updates, so that’s mostly done now. I also realized the overall functional differences between Direct3D 9 and 11 weren’t as significant as it seemed, so I was able to reuse a lot of the code I had created in the past for rendering in general. That’s sped up the process a lot. I don’t have any screenshots to show still, but it won’t be long.


Awesome man… this sounds like your project is like… 70% done?