Combat sys?

Hey guys , i wanted to know if any of you had an old combat system just layin around xD

if not, if anyone is willing to do one up (if its not too complicated) you would receive credits on the welcomemessage.html when we release for players.

Heres basically what i need:

  1. The deletion of the default sword system
  2. Showing the number of damage you caused from your “weapon” on the victim
  3. I already have a HP bar system with a numerical hp system with it, but not sure if it will work with anything anyone contributes, so if you think it might not if you could add it , it would be appreciated very much.
    4)Take away the knockback on attack
  4. Some kind of formula for setting damage with weapons
  5. Stats!

The only reason i asked is because i was informed it wouldnt be to hard.
Please no flaming, positive critisism is appreiciated.


attr, params, showimg, ganiscript optional, setstring, triggeractions, math

o.o ermm… xD thanks beholder but ehh i can’t script, though i should probobly learn, im more of a programmer… scripting confuses the hell out of me z.z doesnt make sense why VB6 seems easier to me so /shuts up

Or you could try working without it and make the basis of your server not built around an RPG system o_o

Well i suppose i can ask Oni to do it for me , but i’m gonna stick with the RPG theme. That’s the gameplan for the server and im sticking with it :3

OR setstring and triggeractions

Love it.

Ganis == No knock back, you just have to make an action with somesort of gani touching the enemy and it showimg index,@arial@text,otherx,othery; with server.hpmonster1 =- dmg; sort of thing, but I am no good with triggeractions and I have no clue how to make a gani “attack” an object