[Coming Soon] Video Walkthroughs

I will be doing video walkthroughs of all of classics quests because I’m bored. They may or may not contain commentary, I haven’t decided yet.

If they contain commentary make sure you don’t have a redneck voice >_<

Lol, I would prefer it to be thought through before anything is said, and that the vids is edited so it’s not superdull, unnecessary long and filled with nonsense. A not so crappy microphone is always a big plus. :smiley:

@Pickle: Why care about the accent? lol

Come on you even complained about his Reddkneck accent >_<

Lol, it was more about the nonsense than anything else. :stuck_out_tongue:

true lol

I feel like I’m out of the loop of some incredibly gay joke here.

Have you ever searched youtube for graal reborn? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dangerl3ss made some playerworld introduction videos. Let’s just say they weren’t that good.

i just found those a few days ago .

I thought they were pretty good for the most part. Considering the level of content we had and how no one else actually made any videos of the player worlds. Course you’re always free to go and record crap for us on youtube, Marlon.

I did not say I would do it better. Then again, I haven’t tried have I? :stuck_out_tongue: