Community Discussion

Who would moderate it?

Codr since he’s already admin for no reason.

I’d tell Cadavre to remove it, since it really does serve no purpose now, but the fact that it bothers you is enough for me to not do so. Isn’t it interesting what being a trustworthy and responsible person can do?

You can’t bother spooon. Spooon bothers you.

Life is a game and I plan on winning. I’ve always wanted to kill someone. Someday I’ll achievement get.

This is why we can’t have nice things :frowning:

Ill set up a wiki and tricxta and peeps can populate it at their leisure.

I’ll point to wherever you decide to host it. You can get the old tables from the previous wiki if you want.

Awesome, I’d like to see what already exists.

Can you elaborate?

No. Discussion over

Sadly the constant arguing like in this very post is probably what drives people away, not the lack of the ability to want to learn. The “Newbie Scripter’s Bible” Onijustin linked could be pretty useful to beginners.

Shut the fuck up. It’s the best part.

Probably a lot of old Anti-Unixmad stuff.

I’d be more driven off by a community that blindly agrees to everything, like you seem to be implying is better.

No, it’s more the constant “trolling”/immature nature presented by some members of the community that I think is the turn off.
When I first came to reborn, I was constantly harassed by certain members constantly!, I don’t even know why I stayed, but yer…

You know I completely agree with that, but if that’s what Nitro2030ce was referring to, that’s not how I took it at all.

I don’t see much trolling anymore. Everyone argues a lot, but it’s more good natured than a troll.

If for some reason the community thinks we need more mods then I will look for more mods, but I think everything is gravy.

I don’t think anyone is arguing for moderation. It’s just that some of us just have bad attitudes and that turns people away. Spooon may be immature and troll people, but Codr’s seemingly acrimonious disposition makes it hard to even talk to him without feeling like you’re being scolded like a child; frankly, I’m not sure which is worse.

Everyone is valuable and has their place in this community, which makes this a place worth coming to. But, for the sake of Graal Reborn (and for the new comers and the old) we should try to actualize solidarity. That, the tangible goals that we set and the ones we accomplish, in itself will keep people coming back despite the differences in personalities.

It sounds like you’re easily intimidated to me. To comment on the “like a child” part: that’s certainly who I feel like I’m talking to the majority of the time.

That’s absolutely a joke when referencing Spooon. He belongs on 4chan and nowhere else as far as I’m concerned.

Rather than avoiding the problems and declaring them as non-issues, actually deal with them for a change.